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Cubs have two versions of their blue alts?


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I noticed something this morning when I took a quick glance at the highlights and saw letters on the back of the Cubs' blue alternate. I thought this was odd since I thought the Cubs were eliminating letters from their jerseys (I was wrong -- it's just at home, right?).

Sorry if I'm a little slow, or if this has been posted in the past, but I did not know the Cubs wore the blue alt without lettering at home, but with it on the road.

May 28th, vs COL at home

May 31st, @ LAD

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WOW! Thanks for the tip.

I have to make a mental note of that... I'm the one making the new MLB uniforms on sportslogos.net

The Navy Blue jersey is their BP, but neither of those for sure aren't it.


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The Cubs have technically four game jerseys:

Home pinstripes (No Name on Back)

Home Royal Blue Alt (No Name on Back)

Road Gray (Name on Back)

Road Royal Blue Alt (Name on Back)

Plus Navy BP (No Name on Back)

Hope this helps.


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what moose said. on a side note, Maddux made a rare appearance in the blues in the win two nights ago (he usually wears the grays on the road, white at home)

and i think i'll refresh the usual jersey choice for the Cubs' regular starters:

Wood-pinstripes at home, blue on road

Zambrano-always blue

Prior-pinstripes at home, gray on road

Maddux-same as Prior, though he recently made the noted exception

the revolving door that is the 5th spot (Rusch, Dempster, et al), they seem to be random about it.


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