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Islanders concept


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1. Not bad.  I wonder how that one'd really work out, though... what would the back look like?

2. Don't like the stripes on the front, but maybe if you did them down the sides they'd be cooler?  The sleeves are interesting.  The numbers would need to come down off the shoulder, though.

3. Oh, dear...

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1. Absolutely fantastic. What an idea! That is one of the most original and not crazy designs I have seen.

2. I would say no. I like the thought, but not my favorite. The four stripes symbolize Stanley Cups, but now it looks like 16 or something. I think you should try something where those four stripes are part of the major striping, but only in one spot.

3. See 2. but worse.

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hey thanks for the feeback. i never thought of it looking like 16 stanley cups haha whoops. i'll tinker more with the first one as you guys seem to like it the most...you don't like the 3rd one?!?!? heh heh. why not?! i thought you guys love the numbers i put on the front and LOVE that ugly collar and LOVE cluttered jerseys!!  :D

what if #1 had the same circle design but with the 4 stripes instead of the orange, white and blue? i guess that would still look like 12 stanley cups...hmmm. oh well tomorrow i'll tinker with No.1.

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Or.... (please don't shoot me)

...take the collar from #3 and put it on #1.  Then, take the four stripes and put them under the front of the collar, and make it finish out the rounded idea.  I don't have time this moment to do a graphic of it, but like this:

*           *

 *         *






Well, I hope that makes sense.

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I really like the first one, but the circle is what makes it cool and original.  What happens when a player has his arms down?  The circle would look like some random curved lines going a couple different directions.  It still might looked good, though.  Kind of hard to picture it.
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