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Rockets power dancers outfits


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The Rockets are looking for feedback on these outfits for the Power Dancers. As its another glimpse into the new corporate image of the Rockets I thought they were worth posting!

Not sure exactly what clues might be picked up on as to what the Rockets unis may look like but what the hey!!


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I gotta go with 3.

i cant believe how low 1 goes, i doubt theyd make it that low in the final cut.  wow, were really encompassing the sports gambit here, well done.

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5 is my personal favourite!!

I just thought it was an interesting idea to see the look the Rockets franchise is going for.

Personally I think from this the unis will either be very one colored, or use the kinda futuristic pipiing on the dancers outfits somehoe!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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