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New Detroit Lions


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This still needs plenty of work, but I wanted some feedback. "Works for a NFL Europe team" is already thought of, so save your breath. I wanted to get the gritty, yet elegant look of nfl in the 1950's. i was always a huge fan of the old endzone logo with the double stripes, so i brought those back. Also, I was looking to give a more conceptual lion rather than as is. Thanks to a cool medieval font i was lucky enough to do that. c&c appreciated.....

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...Thanks to a cool medieval font i was lucky enough to do that. c&c appreciated.....

without being able to see the links, i already know i won't like it.

why? you ask. well, the words 'cool', 'medieval', and 'font' should never be used together in that context. honestly, the only was they should be used in a sentence should be something like this: 'cool', i just found something better to replace that godawful 'medieval' 'font'!

but that's just me.

what the hell do i know?

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first i would ditch the alt. it's to close to the primary home set. second i would use the silver pants to both the home and road set. otherwise great concept. it has a lot of potential. really love the medieval logos. good job.

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I don't think I see the medieval font, but that's the least of the worries.

The Lion. From what I've seen, NFL teams have more basic logos.

What I mean by that is the Carolina Panther for instance, you know it's a panther.

Jacksonville Jaguars, same thing. You know it's a jaguar head on the helmet.

Perhaps the Bucs might be a case to argue against, but most are very basic.

This seems quite busy, plus, it's designed so the lion is looking the wrong way on the basic helmet presentation.

I realise that's how heraldic lions are presented, but that's also why they don't fit football logos.

Also, heraldic lions have a tendancy to make one look two or three times before recognising what it actually is.

Here's my family crest for example, which I vectored.

The consensus was the Helardic Lion might work for a soccer shirt, but probably not for anything else, because it's looking left.


Still on the Lion, why is it looking the other way in the secondary?

With the Home jersey, I like the blue and whatever colour that's called you mixed it with. But not on the numbers and name. You can bet they'd be real hard to read if they were ever made in those colours.

Apart from that, it does look very 50's, which is what you were looking for.

For me, the LMU lion is the best Lion logo I reckon I've seen in sports.

If Detriot could develop something like that, in your colours, it would be an improvement on the boys who found dad's black electrical tape uniform.

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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