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Durham Bulls vs. OLD Denver Broncos Logo


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Since the Broncos "updated" their logo some of you younger fans might not have thought about how similar the old Broncos logo and the classic Durham Bulls logo are- one with a horse jumping through the D and the other with a bull similarly jumping through a D.

I was wondering if anyone else ever thought they looked very, very similar and if there was a connection either intentionally or coincidentatly based on when they both adopbted those logos.

I also wonder if the DUrham Bulls were to adopt the logo today if stupid NFL properties would allow them to use it or not. . .



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I believe the Bulls introduced this logo while Denver was still using the big D, and there's definitely some influence there, but neither the Broncos nor the NFL would have a case in court. One would have to practically recreate the Bronco's logo and either call themselves the Broncos, or field a professional football team. The precedent for trademark infringement is a very gray and but this case doesn't come near it.


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"I got a porsche with a quadrophonic blaupunkt"

fuunny story, I saw Tim Robbins two weeks ago out on 6th avenue near my office.

He and Susan have a place nearby, (I've seen her too) and no one seemed to recognize

him as he strolled past bed bath & beyond. Being new york, I yelled out "hey meat".

He slowly turned his head and gave that smirky $hit eating grin he has, and gave

me the "hey" nod. Priceless.

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I once saw Ryne Sandberg in Chicago walking his dog. It was a little dog. I didn't know what to say. My wife didn't know who he was, so the moment was lost on all, until now. I should have yelled, "Bruce Sutter threw cheese!!"


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