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  1. That's my point, there are 31 teams and yet the conversation always steers to the Canucks. There were 7 teams listed in the OP about rumored jerseys and the Canucks for whatever reason are getting the most traction...It gets old the same debates about Johny Canuck and Stick in Rink that derail a thread.
  2. How does the conversation always end up back on the Canucks? SMH
  3. An NDA makes perfect sense. Why would a team risk ruining their marketing plans and unveil of a highly anticipated jersey by giving it away to the winner so they can just go posting it on social media. Also, "It's out there" could be him referring to the jersey design, not that it's physically out in the public. Who knows.
  4. They either had the winner sign an NDA until after the actual release or won't actually give them the physical jersey until then.
  5. Egads, what is up with that #1 ??? The name font looks similar to the OG font from their first few seasons but not when he played there. The number font is all sorts of wrong. Why not just use the current N&N ??? SMH
  6. Eh... Not exactly. The posts are about the two 3rd jerseys, which use the SAME color fabric and Pantone standard. Strictly jerseys - these two are them same. The most up-to-date NHL style sheets for 2019-20 do not callout the Jets light blue for their alternate to use in print, only their H&A, but if they did, it would be same as STL. There are instances where the Pantone called out on the stylesheets vary from the fabric standard, and that's fine. Some teams have preference or it's easier to match said color to industry standards for tees etc... this is not one of those cases.
  7. They are the same blue, same standard, same body fabric. I have spoken.
  8. That's how the official style guide has it broken out.
  9. New Jersey and Washington hosted in the 80's
  10. Host teams don't have anything to do with designing the All-star uniforms.
  11. Yes, really. They're not similar at all. The proportion of color on the skate jerseys are much different than every team you listed. They own a unique look with them. No one uses that shade of yellow either. Vegas doesn't have a black jersey and uses "gold" Boston is Black & Yellow Pitt is Black & Yellow and use a larger area of yellow on their jerseys than BOS. Calgary doesn't have a black jersey and black is a tertiary color. It's actually okay if teams have the same colors - because they all use them differently.
  12. Jets at Wild makes much more sense https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/wild-host-jets-potential-2021-winter-classic-matchup/
  13. Perhaps I misinterpreted the OP as I thought he was implying that STL would host the game. The Blues being an opponent would be viable if the Winter Classic was played outside of STL. My bad.