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  1. Exclusive Pro does them as kiss-cut: https://twitter.com/TheExclusivePro/status/1364428290556112899/photo/2
  2. Yes, it is. That is graphic design 101.
  3. Jeesh, the nerve of them, designing logos to work across multiple mediums both analog and digital. How dare they do their job properly. The updated 2D logo is stronger IMO because being true circular logo it looks and fits better on a jersey (which wasn't that your point?). The current 2D can appear off-center because it's heavy on the right side and centering it using the circle is awkward. It has to be visually centered not mechanically centered. Not ideal, but it works. It also incorporates elements from the flag of Ottawa as the cape. It's simple, elegant and bold.
  4. I can’t speak to that.
  5. It depends, Retro, vintage, heritage, anniversary, throwback...whatever. There’s no official designation for a jersey that’s only worn one time as opposed to a jersey that’s worn four times. If a team introduces a Third Jersey, then that language will be used, ie: the Caps or Dallas this year.
  6. That's typically how it would work, IF they have designated them as their "3rd jersey".
  7. Yeh, I'm pretty sure I would know. The three years is for a true 3rd jersey. Anniversary jerseys, one night retro jerseys etc... are not 3rd jerseys and are petitioned separately.
  8. This is the standard min. length of Third jerseys, been that way since Reebok. I thought this was common knowledge.
  9. To each their own. I think it has 2 too many outlines. It's the NFL's version of the Sabres logo they just replaced with outlines around everything
  10. Best case scenario IMO, is they go more Chargers and Bucs level of change. Worse case, Rams and Falcons Top 3 teams needing an update: 1- Cardinals: complete overhaul 2- Saints: choose a gold, not a beige, only need one outline on the logo, no more black on black this isn't Any Given Sunday 3- Texans: Do something, anything.
  11. Probably the two biggest sponsor logo too. That Flyers one is HUUUUGE
  12. Sabres add sponsor logos to helmets:
  13. Ghost logo alert. The single color logo on the Avs pant is wrong, it should the inverse of what they did. Why bother having style guides SMH