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  1. It was already on both sides for the SS game.
  2. Team North America / 2016 World Cup of Hockey. Utica Comets 3rd jersey Flyers Stadium series and Houston Oilers are NOT neon colors.
  3. How dare you drag Gavin into this. Such a sweet boy.
  4. The other variable in this issue is where a teams official lettering vendor buys their twill from. Different manufacturers have varying shades of the same "gold" or "royal". They're all supposed to match a PMS standard but not everyone color matches under proper conditions using a light-box. The biggest factor is you have two different materials, the matte knit jersey fabrics and the shiny woven twill, everything is done to ensure they match as close as possible. back to the color standard and then ideally to each other. But the nature of knit vs. woven will only allow it to be as close as possible.
  5. Nope. Jerseys are produced and shipped direct to teams based on their orders, there is no warehouse storage at the factory and Reebok/Adidas do not keep extras offsite. Only one archived sample is kept by the factory and Adidas/Reebok. Any extras that teams ended up with after the brand change were probably sold off. Teams and companies don't keep whole jersey sets of old styles just laying around "in case".
  6. Source please? Regardless, the NHL would never have the same team play two years in a row.
  7. They're still going to make the on-field MLB 5950 in the USA at their Miami facility which right now only produces apparel. I'm curious as to whether they will move the equipment from Buffalo to Miami or start fresh. Some of that equipment, especially the hat blockers are very old and part of what gives New Era it's authenticity. Secondly, will they start making the retail 5950 overseas now?
  8. It actually started in the 1998 Olympics with some teams/counties.
  9. Source? They play in the Metro NYC area, I would think they're named for the city not the state. Has anyone on the boards ever associated the Islanders with the state of New York? I've never put those two together.
  10. Yeh, it's all an elaborate ruse to bring more attention to the Stars and sell Radulov jerseys. SMH.
  11. Not an oversight. No more doodads.
  12. They wear them one time against each classic Smythe Division opponent, pretty simple.