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  1. I still contend it's the drape of the jersey causing the bottom to appear that way. ... why would there be two different C's on the same night? Here's a better shot, when you enhance the photo you can clearly see the draping causing the "C" to appear to taper https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/gabriel-landeskog-of-the-colorado-avalanche-skates-against-news-photo/1179461374?adppopup=true
  2. That's the same jersey and same C on both pics. You're seeing it folded slighlty on the one pic, so it looks more tapered like a fish hook. the photos look they were taken seconds apart as he's heading to the bench. And yes, they have switched to Custom Crafted for on-ice customization. Who does not have the best reputation and does sloppy work. Their Bruins gamers are brutal.
  3. We interrupt this Canucks thread for other news: The Avs have changed the captains marks on their 3rd jersey to be a one-color of the H&A marks.
  4. There was no patch in the unveil video so my hunch is that it won't be on come the season opener either. We shall see.
  5. It's the 50th Anniversary jersey, so putting a patch on it is redundant.
  6. There is no 50th path on the anniversary jersey and there won't be.
  7. No demands, it was just the most obvious choice considering the team name.
  8. Yes on the crest... I always think of the hem stripe
  9. Well akchtually...... The Sens had the gold in their 3rd jersey. Vegas the first to use it in a full time H&A Point being, the fabric has been around, just not used appropriately.
  10. They nailed Phil Pritchard's hair
  11. Wait, the Edge collar(s) were stupid too??!! So what does a good collar look like?
  12. Aha, yes I knew about that abandoned Ron Wolf initiated rebrand, which was pre-Nike. Gothamite's post indicated Nike was behind it or that there was another attempt by Nike when they took over the license in 95/96 for on-field in 1997. I was looking for clarification, because as I know it, there was never any attempt to change the Packers under Nike from 1997-2000. One thing I can confirm is that the reduction of sleeve stripes for any team, was based solely on the way the players themselves were wearing and wanting the jerseys to fit, to be tighter and less restrictive in their range of motion (ie: less or no sleeves) It was born out of necessity due to the shrinking sleeves, not some conspiracy or to "leave our mark". This was a key inspiration into the design of the Broncos jerseys in 1997, factoring in NO sleeve stripes and still have a unique on-field visual.
  13. following up on my previous post... Can you provide a source where this information came from? Thanks. @Gothamite
  14. Could you provide some background and insight to where this info came from, I've never heard this before.
  15. The rebranding was done under the ownership and guidance of the Knox bros., so the fact that Rigas/Adelphia was Black,Red & White was coincidence and not intentional. Had the Knox's not sold, the rebrand would have happened exactly as it did. This is directly from the former NHL exec who worked with the Sabres and NHL creative dept. on the project.