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The Raps are moving to Jersey? SCHWEET! Just in time too, with the Nets going to Brooklyn and all.

Hopefully, they'll be a little farther south, maybe A.C. so when the Kings move to Vegas, we'd have a phenomenal NBA Finals just for the possible extracurriculars.


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READ MY LIPS! The Raptors will continue to reside at 40 Bay St., Toronto. Period. Discussion over!

Would you guys please accept that fact. Sheesh! :mad:  :flagcanada:

Whoa! Chill out, boss!

If the facetiousness wasn't obvious, take note of the emoticon. Look at the title of the thread: Jersey Raptors. I know what he meant, but I know what it says.

Relax, I'm not pushing for the Raps to move anywhere. Least of all A.C. - we have enough mediocre basketball in this part of the country already.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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