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Ottowa Senators concept


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I did this about a few months back and I recently saw a post where someone did something kinda similar so I thought I would share mine. I liked the alternate logo they had and made a risky decision with the gold jersey--some will like it, some will not. My favorite part is the two stripes at the bottom, I think they add a nice modern touch to the jersey. I havent gotten good with putting names and numbers on the back of jerseys yet so it may look a little empty without them on the back.....


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Definitely a good try, but sorry, I'm not feeling this. For the Sens (and just about any team that uses it, really), the gold just stay as solely an accent colour. I do kinda like the lines near the waist. But overall I'm not digging it.

As an aside, in the future, be sure to get rid of all the gray lines from the template that are not being used. Looks more professional that way.

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