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For everyone wondering why NFL players hold out

Ron Mexico

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I think that the Franchise and Transition tags will be really scrutinized when they are redoing the CBA. They were meant as ways of rewarding a player that was too important to lose by guaranteeing him a high salary, but that was in the early days of the cap and before signing bonuses were as important as they are now. Signing a 1 year offer as a Franchise or Transition player may guarantee you 5 mill or so (depending on position) for one season, but if you get hurt, that is it. All these players care about is that signing bonus, and I don't blame them one bit. If I was an exceptional player I don't know if I'd play on the last year of my deal either. I know that once a team grants the Franchise tag that they can't sign the player to a long term deal until that player signs the 1 year offer, so that is a tough situation. You have to sign the 1 year and hold out, or pray you don't get hurt.

FYI: I think the Eagles are the only team to rescind a Franchise tag...and they've done so twice.

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What would have happened had Favre not used his stature to build support AGAINST his teammate. Would Walker have a better contract or more financial security, seeing as he might not be the same?

Instead, maybe Walker holds out, then signs a new deal 2 weeks before the season starts, and gets hurt in week one anyway because he was out of shape or ran the wrong route and had to pull Dre Bly's helmet out of his chest cavity.

Favre plays the most dangerous position of all, hasn't missed a start in what, 200 something games, and I don't see him holding out for more cash, and he would probably be justified in doing so. Some people on TV and radio are suggesting he is somehow responsible for this? You've gotta be kidding me.

You play a sport where 250-300 pound guys in helmets and pads fly all over the field at 100 miles an hour and crash into each other. Chances of injury are high. Contracts are not guaranteed. The NFL has been this way for years and years. If this concerns you, don't be a pro football player.

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