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Nipissing University Lakers Logo


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I've designed a logo for Nipissing University Athletics here in North Bay. I'm considering sending it to the University but I would like some feedback. The lake in the middle is Lake Nipissing. The trees above the lake represent the Northern Ontario landscape of Boreal Forests. The orange behind the trees is a sun setting in the horizon. The green to blue fading into the words Lakers represents the area beaches. Finally, the the Dark Blue Arch represents North Bay's Gateway Arch (North Bay's slogan "Gateway of the North").

Keep in mind that even though it says Varsity Hockey at the bottom, Nip U doesn't have a team yet, but it's a proposed idea. The logo doesn't have any athletic symbols as the logo would be represent the numerous varsity teams at the University (soccer, cross country, volleyball, maybe OUA hockey someday...)

My design


Current Logo


Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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im from north bay too man, yeah im sorry though eric its too busy and it looks too much like your islanders logo u made.

ur logo's are too photoshop almost clip art looking like lol however that is, but its nice having another person on the board from the bay

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I think you have a good "base" for a logo, and some good ideas. However...

-Take the gradient off the trees. Simplify them a lot. They almost look like fractals.

-Simplify the lake. A lot.

-Take off the gradient below the lake.

Try that and see how it looks.

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