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Joe bosack strikes again


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i just noticed he's responsible for the southern faguars' makeover from a couple years ago.  *tells grambling within to go back to bed*  he's forgiven for that, why did the blue jays and coyotes NOT go to Bosack?  

back on the actual topic, like most of bosack's work: makes sense and looks sharp :cool:

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That logo is pretty darn sharp.

You know, I must say though, that I don't know quite how I feel about their portfolio as a whole.  For everything that is solid and rocks, there is something sorta awful.

Good to Great






Fair to Crappy






LV Wranglers

At least most the newer stuff keeps ruling.  AN encouraging thought to all future team updates.

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I like the Bucknell and LV designs.

 Bucknell actually uses the secondary (head w/ B) logo for most things.  The only thing that bothers me about the main logo is the arm.

 The thing wrong with the Cornell logo is the bears rear.  It looks like he's "presenting" as it were.

I'm writing college applications this weekend, and Bucknell is one of the schools I'm applying to.  I hope I'll get it, but I've been told it's a little bit of a long shot.

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I like the Bucknell and LV designs.

Well, that's fair.

I really don't.

They are listed under my "fair to crappy" column and I think fair sums them up quite thoroughly.

I doubt there are any threads in here to dig up where people say

what can i say....wow....
about the LV Wranglers or the Bucknell Bison.

Still though, I think the quality of the stuff Bosack is turning out good and only getting better..which is very encouraging. The industry needs a recognized leader. Someone who always whups ass and has guaranteed results.

PS- Best of luck with college apps.

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