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Mets to trade Mike Cameron


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Many sources have reported that the Mets have agreed to trade Mike Cameron to the Padres for Xavier Nady...

Even though Cameron was extremely unhappy with playing right field, I think the Mets should've kept him over Nady. The only way this trade can turn out for the better is if they now inclue Nady in a trade, possibly to Boston??

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This was just posted on MLB.com...

If tests show Mike Cameron has no lingering vision problems resulting from that sickening outfield collision he had with Carlos Beltran in August, the Mets will trade him to Padres by the week's end and, it appears, then pursue a trade for Marlins left-handed slugger Carlos Delgado.

I take back what I said. If the Mets can get Carlos Delgado in this trade, great upgrade. Although there is a little tension between Delgado and Minaya due to last year's free agency talks, I think Delgado would be a fine pick-up.

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Sometimes it's addition by subtraction. An unhappy Cameron might have been disruptive in the clubhouse. He was not a big distraction playing RF in 2005, but I don't know that his pride would have permitted another season out of position. He is extremely useful patrolling a spacious CF in SD.

Nady's actually a pretty good young bat. If he stays w/ the Mets he can play either of the corners and 1B. But you're prolly right -- his greatest value is as trade bait for a lower-salary club like the Marlins.

Geez, what a bummer for Fish fans. So close to a new stadium and now they're gonna sell guys off. Reminds me of my boys, Leeds United, who went from challenging for a spot in the Champions League to wallowing in the similarly named but worlds less prestigious Championship division.

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