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Seattle pilots revival


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go go pilots

four uniforms here...top two are the primary home and away, and are modeled after the original jerseys. each also has the pilots' sleeve striping. the bottom two are alternates that i did for some reason. also, i decided to introduce a modified 'winged steering wheel' logo and a wingless version.

edit: if you're wondering where the scrambled eggs are, i figured if the pilots had stayed in seattle, or the mariners had used the pilots name instead, the scrambled eggs might be gone by now. then again, the roads would also likely be gray, but all i could have pictured is the boring grays teh brewers break out sometimes for road TBTC games. you know, the plain grays that just have 'PILOTS' in blue block letters, therefore the pictured roads are powder blue. besides, the sleeve striping would look horrible on gray.

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