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new york giants concept


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i was trying to think about how you would go about trying to get some consistancy between the giants unis, and a couple ideas passed through my head. i decided to create a concept based on what i thought was the best of those ideas. i know it's a litte different, but imo it could work.

first, what i did:

1) brought the sleave stripes from the road unis to the home set. i decided i liked the three red stripes on the road jerseys and i didnt want to touch them. i also wanted the stripes to be consistant on the home jersey, and plain red stripes on blue wouln't have looked good. the best option imo was to place to do contrasting sleaves on the blue jersey. this is the most radical change i made.

2) i elemenated the home set of grey pants. the road set with the seperated stripes would be used full time. i chose the road version of the grey pants because i thought it fit the "feel" of the concept a little better then the current home pants did.

3) to create even more consistancy between the home and road set i changed the colours on the road jersey's logo under the collar, numbers, and nameplate. they were all changed from red to blue.

finally here it is, c&c welcome


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By changing the numbers on the road set to blue, I think you have made the red stripes look out of place (even with the red socks). Also, I don't really like the white contrasting sleeves with grey pants. I don't think the lack of stripes on the current home set is so bad that it warrants everyone going to great lengths to add stripes. In this case, adding the contrasting sleeves to accomodate the red stripes seems forced to me. Maybe try adding the stripes to the blue sleeves with a VERY thin white outline to contrast with the blue while leaving some blue between the stripes (I agree that red on blue looks horrible -- when websites have text like that (or, even worse, blue text on a black background) it gives me a headache).

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