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Orioles concept


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Orioles...new style(c/p)

i was going to have piping on the sleeves, but that slipped my mind, so i'm just putting this out cardinal style(plain except for the text and logos).  as you can see i didn't have an O's logo or script handy, so i had to improvise. the logo i made is barely better than crap imo, but it does its job.  feedback is welcome like it is 24-7.

my own feedback to this is that the road jersey wound up looking like a giants jersey, but that can be overlooked.  also, the alternate is based on a TATC i did a few months ago, sort of simulating the oriole's actual orange underside.  and as you can see, the Discrim-oriole is wearing a hat similar to the one they wore in the 80s, and i decided to model the home and alternate hats loosely on it.  last thing i'm gonna go on about is the sleeves...dodgerlike in that the home and alt have 'Baltimore' on the sleeve, and the road has 'Orioles' on it.  also i put my logo on the right sleeve of the alt, borrowing from the cubs' 91-93 road(C-ubs on right, madcub on left).  i don't like how the logo came out, but like the overall uniforms.  now if i had used the old cartoon oriole  this would have kicked ass :;):


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