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Oregon Ducks


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Ok here is the first set and here are the yellows and different pants, green included... I dropped the TV numbers all together for the 3rd ALT yellow/white designs...



Yes, I know about the O vs. the Donald and yes I changed the number font slightly on the yellows for fun ... any other remarks fire away....

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i like the idea, but a few things could be changed

1. i think you should have fewer colors in one jersey. it seems like an overload when you have all the three colors (black, green, yellow) next to each other.

2. the pants striping seems a bit too far overboard. a simpler stripe like the arizona cardinals curved one you would have a better end result

however, i think you have a great logo and interesting set of jerseys. good job.

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Other than the helmet, I'm not feeling these. There's just too much going on for me.

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I like 'em, but you can do so much with just gold and green (and white) that the black looks unnecessary. The black looks forced here, but I like the rest.

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I think I like them all better than what they have now. (Thank you Nike) :rolleyes: The helmet the Ducks have now is great and I don't think it should be changed. The ones I like the most are the top left corner and the bottom right.

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