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Do you think this jersey is legit?


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The eBay Auction

He also has the Red (Away) jersey up for sale.

I was told by someone on GameFAQs that you guys are good for knowing legit jerseys from rip-offs, so I figured I would ask here.

I have never seen a Team Canada basketball jersey before, and believe me I have asked around. That's one reason why I am worried about the legitimacy of the jersey. The other worry is that it doesn't say anything about the quality of the material, aside from the fact that it has no rips or tears in it. Well, that and the fact that it has a NO RETURNS note on the bottom.

So what do you guys think? :flagcanada:

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Close, but no cigar, I think.

Here's a photo of Nash from the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney:


Looks like the neck is a different style, and the eBay jersey is missing the red stripes on the armholes. Granted, this could be from earlier or later then 2000, but I'd still say save your money.

Unless it's really cheap ... then who cares if it's fake if it's a good deal? :D

BTW, :welcome: to the boards. And, for future reference, this sort of thing should probably be on the Sports Logos board.

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Its ligit in this sense. Its not bootleg, its just a replica. Replicas are always going to slightly differ from the authentics, id say if you want an Authentic, save your money, but if you want just a replica, buy it.

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