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liberty football league logo


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hello all, this is my fantasy football league, the Liberty Football League logo. there's 26 stars because there's 26 teams in the league. Everything else in conceptual. C&C appreciated please and thank you ^_^


p.s. the jbperry is my idemtifying mark. Yes, I know its not the greatest but I could care less if it looks great or not. I just don't want my work stolen.

EDIT: just changed the angle of the LFL. Thanks for the comments guys! I would like more though!




<embed src="http://www.clocklink.com/clocks/5005-Blue.swf?TimeZone=CST&TimeFormat=hhmmssTT" width="180" height="60" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">


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I would rotate the LFL initials to follow the angle of the football. As they are now, they look sort of jumbled to me.

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I would put a white outline around the football (the laces would be white too). Also, the stars might look better if there were 8 in the top row, 10 in the middle and 8 on the bottom (more symetrical). And the top part that says Liberty Football League looks disconnected from the rest of the logo. You could continue the dark outline from the bottom part to the top, and instead of black, the outline should match the dark blue.

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