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Pitbull Logo


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I'm making a pitbull logo for a guy I know (his fantasy team) and I need some critique, suggestions, and so on. If you have any suggestions to improve it, please share. Help from you guys is always appreciated.



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good start, i would agree on making the teeth meaner, and the head shape makes it look like a bull terrier, like the target dog if u would. but but the general design has some good potential

on the nose i would add a little more details with the countour, and the actuall nostrill

A Bull terrier's head shape is a general slope, and the pitbulls head juts up at the eyes


also the pitbull's ears are generally small and pointy if not, they curve toward the top of the head

just some arrows and suggestions.


hope this helps

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Very nice logo, Chief

If it was me, I would make the top of the eye match the curve of the forehead, or add an eyebrow to it.

Also, the blue outline looks too thin to me, you could try making that thicker and add a bit of that blue to the eye.

And, like someone already mentioned, it needs a nostril and the ear is too big.

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