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minor league football team logos?


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I was reading Michael Holley's "Patriot Reign" yesterday and it references that former Patriots kicker John Smith played for a minor league football team called the New England Colonials in 1974. I googled the team, and found absolutely nothing. So needless to say, I couldn't find anything about their logo.

Does anyone know anything about minor league football teams from the '70s, like the Colonials? Logos? Uniform combos?

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I recall seeing a Lost Treasures special, it took a look back at the season an NFL Films crew followed the Pottstown Firebirds through their season. I remember a couple things vividly: King Corcoran thought he was Broadway Joe, and IIRC at that time (late 60s) NFL teams were allowed to actually have farm teams, and the 'Birds were that of the Eagles so they simply wore Eagles uniforms.

I'd be surprised if you found anything on semipro teams that went under before the late 90s, cus it's common for em to vanish almost as suddenly as they materialize. I'd tried looking for the Firebirds a while back and found next to nothing, for what it's worth.


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All the teams mentioned in this thread appear to be members of the Atlantic Coast Football League.


Pottstown seemed to be the most well-known, probably due to the NFL Films documentary.

The New England Colonials were in the league in 1973, I can't find any info for 1974. Many teams in the ACFL were affiliated with the NFL. The Lowell/Quincy Giants were the affiliate of the Patriots, but I can't find any info regarding the Colonials affiliation.

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Don't know how helpful it is but I found this website.


Interesting thing on this site is that it shows J.D. Roberts as the coach of the Saints affiliate. IIRC, he later became head coach of the Saints.

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