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Divisional Playoffs


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I really hope you're right about the Pats going down to Denver. That game is a coin flip to me. Both teams are very good.

Yea, I really don't know what to say for that one. Other than that, though, I agree on the other three.

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Good call on the Broncos!

- 2nd best running game in the League.

- 2nd best run defense in the League.

- 2nd best turnover margin in the League.

- 4th best scoring defense in the League.

- Undefeated at home.

- Even when they were at their worst, and the Pats were at their best, NE has always struggled against Denver. In fact, the only time they've beaten them in the past 4 games, the Broncos had Danny Kannell at QB and the Pats still needed a late TD.

Even then, the Broncos still get no love. Oh well, I like people sleeping on 'em.


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Unlike last week, I agree with all of your picks. I'm actually looking forward to watching the Bears/Panthers game, I really don't know why because I usually get bored to death watching offences go 3 and out. But this one intrigues me, and that's probably because these are the 2 best defences IMO playing head to head.

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