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Help! Finding NFL Authentics

Thierry Henry

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Since we're on the topic (and not to hijack it), I was looking for a Jim Kelly EQT jersey but it's 125$US at ESPNShop.

If anybody knows a promotional code for them, or a cheap place to find them, it'd be much appreciated

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Well, here are a few players I am looking for:

-Tom Brady

-Any Cowboys

-Any Giants

-Any other Pat

-Troy Polamalu

-Ben Rothlisberger

-Any Bengals

-Any Colts

Just to name a few, haha.

And, wow, that's a great deal! Where from? Are you sure it's authentic?

Yup. I'm sure. I've worked around most of the teams in the L, and have friends at NFL Equipment (RBK). Some of the authentics with minor stitching flaws will get dumped off and sold on eBay, and most of the folks here know what to look for. I just let my contacts know if I'm looking for something, and they give me first dibs. This was the first year I actually took advantage, because I really wanted an authentic Brady to wear to the Super Bowl. :mad:

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So what exactly do they mean by minor stitching flaws?

Are they noticeable to the common eye?

How can I perhaps get a jersey from your contacts? Where can I find them? Are they on eBay?

Nah. The reps dump the jerseys off to wholesalers usually. I'll try and take a photo when I get a chance. Nothing noticeable. I spent 25 minutes looking before I figured out where the stitching was off. I really don't know the specifics on quantities/availability on anything. It was told to me last spring, and I just inquired about a month and a half ago if I could get a Brady. I'll send out a few emails and see what's up.

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Klutchsports on eBay is a good deal. I have bought 16 jerseys from him, all under $45. Except for a Kevin Jones Lions jersey that I purchased ALL have been authentics. The Lions jersey was clearly a fake, the numbers and letters were made of the flat tackle twill, not the shiny tackle twill with the lines that the authentic Lions, Raiders and Titans use. The Lions stiched name on the bottom of the collar was about 2 inches high, and 3 inches wide. (In a real Lions jersey it is about 3/4 of an inch high and about 2 inches wide.) I have bought about 25 jereseys from NFL shop and except for the Lions jerseys all of his jerseys have matched up with the quality of the NFL Shop jerseys.

Another seller that will deliver real jerseys is X3MSports on eBay. His shipping is a little slow but you will get a real jersey from him also. I have bought several blanks and named jerseys from him and I have alwasy been confident that they are real.

SofaSurfer is the best, his jerseys are priced a little bit higher than most on eBay but when you buy a jersey from him you know that you are getting a real jersey. I would rather spend $125 on a real jersey from him than $50 on a fake.

You have to be careful on eBay though because most of the stuff on there is fake, some are really good fakes but there are always signs:

Plastic letters instead of tackle twill,

The NFL logo is stitched on and you can pry the ends up,

The material is really thin, so thin that you can see the stitching

from the numbers on the back through the front of the jersey

when it is hanging from a hanger,

The NFL locker tag on the bottom of the jersey is too high up,

The font of the jersey is not the font used in authentic jerseys,

The jersey is made in China

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Hey, I just happened on this thread, but I'd love an Philadelphia Eagles authentic myself, and I am serious for the right price. Feel free to PM me if it's possible, otherwise I'll stick my head back in the sand...

Bring back the Whale!

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