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Oh, those befuddled browns


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Ok, I watched the Steelers/Browns game, mainly to see if my boy Chris Hope (Steeler safety #28, mainly plays on special teams, went to my middle and high schools) will get into the game. He did, almost blocked a punt and leveled a guy on a return, but that's not what I'm posting about.

Now, I'm 99% certain I saw two different wordmarks on the front of the Browns jerseys. Tim Couch's, and most that I saw, appeared to have the block font (appears to be Yearbook Solid if anyone has it, I do) that their new hats and apparel have. It might just be me, but I'm positive I saw a different wordmark, their previous one, on some other jerseys, maybe Courtney Brown's. If I can find some pictoral evidence, I'll post it. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice this?


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i don't have any pictures, but i too did see it ... i noticed on a sideline shot that couch had block letters and somebody behind him had the old rounded letters. it probably was last year's uniform.

The browns didn't have a wordmark last year on the jersey. It is one of their additions for this year. Also the browns added AL to their sleeve in rememberance of Al Lerner who passed away last year.

And that my friends is post 200




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i didn't catch the game cus relatives had been over.  they just named a school after one of my grandma's nephews, who died in april.


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