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PITT Hockey Conecpt


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I'm not feeling the mass of white on the blue jersey. It's an acceptable start, but there needs to be more IMO. I'd also try different number fonts, maybe try to match the football ones, if that's possible. It's probably a custom font. I'm trying to think of what their uniforms actually looked like(my brother went to Pitt, and his frat brother was on the team). For some reason I think they looked kind of like the Flyers' jerseys, but I'm not at all certain. For the blue jersey, it might work to completely eliminate white, with the exception of maybe trim. Gold numbers might look alright.

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The blue in the crest doesn't match the blue in the sweater.

Also, for as many smooth curves as you used in the design, keep in mind that when the front and back of the jersey come together, you have a lot of acute angles, especially on the sleeves. I don't know if you intended that, and it also doesn't leave you a very good place for sleeve numbers.

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