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How to tell Chix from Dux


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the two high schools of Zeeland, Michigan, have very curious monikers. For many years, Zeeland only had one high school, and its teams played under teh banner of the Chix. Not Roosters, not Hens, not Chicks...but Chix. On my mama, that's how it's spelled.

Recently, however, the need arose for a second high school, so what was Zeeland HS became Zeeland East. The new school is Zeeland West, and playing off their rival's Chix tag, West's athletes play under the name of......wait for it.............Dux. Again, I kid you not.

anyways, while drawin up ideas for the NFL Summer League project (which I intend to get back to soon), I had one of those rare moments where I can draw decently and devised ideas for each school. for the Chix, a smirking chick...and for the Dux, an angry mallard in a Bucky Badger-like strut. Since I need more work on the latter, and I got tired of waiting, I bring you the former...the Zeeland East Chix:


the secondary logo's the chick hatching out of an egg, and the egg by itself is a tertiary. if you're wondering why I made almost no reference to the "East" part of the school's name, the main thing that figured into it was the fact that they were simply Zeeland for so long.

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ah, the misfortune of having an idea when AAO's striking the ol' iron :P admittedly, this looks like crap when surrounded by his stuff, but whatchagonnado...Odds got skills :)

anyways, turns out my first crack at a strutting duck (or should I say Duc?) didn't turn out as planned, so that's still under construction. for the hell of seeing what these Chix logos would look like on some sort of uniform, I present the Zeeland Chix in Aussie rules footy


feels good to roll out some footy jumpers again...enjoy, and comments are more than welcome :hockeysmiley:

*edit: whoops...reposted the logo sheet the first time around...and I was already ashamed of my Dux logos :wacko:

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odd thing, before I started I hadn't seen their logo...though now I have (and obviously, all of you too). If there's a definition of hand-drawn crap, this is it :puke:


West's logo is vastly better, but that aint sayin much...theirs isn't anything to write home about either.


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it took a couple days, but I finally got my "Bucky Duck," so to speak. though I don't feel this is as good as it could be, I have enough pride in it to show the world (which is more than I could say yesterday)


the W on the duck's sweater, in the West wordmark and among the tertiary marks is assymetrical by design. Admittedly, I plan on changing the left hand of the primary, as the way it is would only make sense if I had it dribbling a basketball.

for the sake of consistency, more high school footy using an Adelaide Crows-like template


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I love the Chix logo...all of it.

The Dux logo is okay. Not great to be blunt. However, I think you should consider making the duck's webbed foot (if there's a technical name for it, it's escaping me) the primary logo or at least giving it more prominence in the jerseys. It's a sweet logo.

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Well, with the names Chix and Dux, which sound more at home in the Laundry cupboard, you've done an amazing job.

I actually like the secondary of the chick with the egg.

It might work on a girl's social league team.

Maybe softball or netball, something similar.

For a High School, it's a shocking name.

As for the footy jumpers, I guess you've made use of the Croatia and Kangaroos jumpers, but brown and gold checks? Man!

The Adelaide Crows theme of the Ducks seems to work, though the colours look faded on my PC. I was thinking the yellow would be more yolk looking, a strong yellow, almost orange colour.

And just a thing about the shorts, Aussie Rules you wear colour shorts with your Home jumper and White with your Away.

Overall, excellent stuff Discrim, always thinking outside the square, and I like that.

You're living proof that being creative doesn't simply mean one has the ability to draw and trace.

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