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Are there any sites like rc's for nba-nfl-mlb


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I agree, a template like Roger's would be great. I picked up a few from a link a couple posts previous- the MacFarlane customizing one. The link on that site showed templates used to make decals, and thos templates were similar to Roger's.

A question for Roger now that this is out here: how do you make your numbering and lettering templates?

Do you use an existing font, or do you just draw all of them as gif files? It would be great if there was a font in the styles of Colorado, NewYork Rangers and Los Angeles, but I haven't even seen anything close in those font pages listed in the stickies. I would just redraw the numbers and some of the letters in Illustrator, but I figured I can save myself some time if they existed as fonts somewhere.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, I know this issue comes up way too often.


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