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NFL Logo concept

Dave Ship

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Hi all...

here is my concept for the NFL logo. I know, maybe this logo hasn't to be updated but i start working inspired by the AFC and NFC logos.

I count 28 stars in the current logo, one for each team in the league? Anyway i kept that parameter.

I made two version of them. Obviously the first has been inspired by the NBA and MLB logos. For the second i decided to update the shield and, as said before, added the stars.


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The stars seem forced on the shield logo. On the current NFL, they adequately represent the US flag (being placed on the blue field). In your update, they're just tossed in to be there.

I'd go with a less detailed outline on the "plain logo". I think you can lose the detail of the fingers on the ball, the beltline, etc. It would smooth things out. The front hand, while in passing motion, serves to create a very blobby left side of the logo. I'd separate that arm from the body to better define it.

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Well if im right i think the start were for how many teams were in the league when either the league started or when it became the National Football League or just how ever many were in the League at the time of the Logo being made ,

the AFC has the 6 starts which stands for then original 6 AFL teams like that .

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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