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Millwaukee is back


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There have been rumors for the last few years about Brian Noble, former Packer and current part-owner of the af2 Blizzard, trying to get an Arena team in Milwuakee. Among the rumors:

- he's recruited players to play for the Blizzard by promising that he was close to getting his team promoted to AFL from af2

- he had an offer on the table to purchase and move the Indiana Firebirds

- at a recent fan event in Green Bay, people within the organization were indicating that a team would be in Milwaukee next year

I still think that, long term, issues with the Bradley Center will need to be worked out. Since I've bought season tickets for the Blizzard this year, you know I'd be in line to buy tickets for the new Mustangs, the Iron/Hogs, or whatever they call them.

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I wish Milwaukee luck on landing an AFL team, although I have my doubts Noble will be in the ownership group.

1) If he was the owner that they had supposedly "sold" the Firebirds too (the sale that got overruled because it was for way too little money) then I doubt he has the financial assets to land an overpriced AFL expansion team.

2) I have my doubts as to the Green Bay Blizzard being around next year (the team was not doing well financially, and drastically reducing ticket prices shouldn't help-the best case scenario for them IMO is they lose as much money this year as last)

3) You can't "promote" an af2 organization.

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I'm not sure that his offer was the one that was for too little when compared to expansion fees. I've only heard that he was involved in an offer. Whether that was only hte discussoin stage or it was actually made, I don't know.

I understand that he can't promote his team (or that the league wouldn't do it). I'm just saying that this has been a recruiting technique used on players.

The Blizzard have already more than doubled their season ticket base from last year to this year, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was tripled by the time the season starts. While that comes on the heels of lower prices, more fans can't be a bad thing. That being said, I'm still not sure how the finances of the team are.

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