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Buffalo Sabres " Swift " Concept


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Hey now, all. I'm a big fan of the Sabres, if my user name and avatar haven't already disclosed.

Buffalo's going back to the blue and gold next season. I was curious to see how they'd look in a Swift concept. ( About the RBK logo on the back - I'm pretending that RBK bought Nike. It could happen . . )

Anyhizzle - I did two jerseys - the home and away. Home is dark, away is white.



EDIT: I apologize for not giving credit for the Sabres' concept logos I used sooner. Full credit to John Slabyk, also known as js ° here on the boards, for the logos.

C & C are appreciated, as this is the second concept I've ever posted.


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I love the shoulder logo you have on there. Is the buffalo the same way on the crest? I couldn't tell. I like the use of navy rather than royal blue for the jerseys, and the gold works as well. I think it could do without the back stripes(The weird looking ones like on Russia's jerseys). Overall, great job, I like it.

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Those aren't his logos. A graphic designer made those logos and a couple of uniform concepts. I can grab the website for yall.


College sports as we know them are just about dead. The lid is off on all the corruption that taints just about every major program and every decision that the schools or the NCAA make is only about money, money, and more money. We'll have three 16+ team super-conferences sooner rather than later, killing much of the regional flair and traditional rivalries that make college sports unique and showing the door to any school that doesn't bring money to the table in the process. Pretty soon the smaller schools are going to have to consider forming their own sanctioning body to keep the true spirit of college sports alive because the NCAA will only get worse in it's excess from here
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i was just about to provide that link to humanot, but then i scrolled down and looks like gordie got to it. good job.

how can anyone 'forget' that some of the artwork they are displaying isnt theirs? its getting ridiculous, ive seen a bunch of guys come on here and post a concept then when theyre caught they simply say they forgot. if its not yours, let everyone know from the start. it doesn't get you anywhere, chances are you'll get caught.

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I see the point now. I recognize the error of my ways, and all I can hope for is your forgiveness. Plagarism is a touchy subject here, and I found out the hard way.

Let us put this " incident " behind us and continue commenting on these Sabres " Swift " concepts.

EDIT: Speaking of which, I do happen to have a couple here for the current logos:



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