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HOpefully this means he's terminated, but it might not. When I switched internet companies, my email address changed, so they suspended my account until I changed the address in my account. I'm hoping this guy's gone, but he might've done the same thing I did.

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Let me clear the air here, or at least my name from my perspective.

I am the original guy that sold this idiot the disc. I am vansythe from Vans Custom Figures. I have been doing custom figures like jomo and the rest of the customizing world for quite some time and have established myself on the Spawn board and customizing "world" as a reputable, honest person.

I decided to quit customizing all together due to a divorce and other reasons so I decided to sell all my cpu files.

My intent wasn't to sell the copyrighted logos in the manner that some are taking it as, more less I was wanting to sell all my files as an aid to customizers as a resource disk. The main grabber for my disc was the 200+ custom inserts I have made throughout the years as well as player specific decal sets I had for around 35 players as well as all my other files. However, I did also include all my folders of files which contained sports / team logos, equipment logos, etc that I have used throughout the years. Which are the hard work of some of you guys and for the record, I never claimed that I made them because I'm not like that.

What initially started this "war" against this guy was the fact that he was claiming my work on the inserts as HIS work....he also stole pretty much of my auction description on his initial listing when he started reselling the disc.

I have seen a repetetive habit in this guy now of buying other peoples work and reselling it as his own.

First with my insert disc, then with HC Customs decal disc, I also put two and two together and realized that the EBOOK he claims he made was also an EBOOK from another seller and he stole auction description from it as well.

I have not reported him to Ebay or anybody like that because I do not want the whole customizing world to go up in flames over one a--hole.

I think it's great you guys got his auction pulled by reporting him to Ebay. I wish now I never would have sold him the disc if I had known he was going to be such a capitalist on it and greedy moneygrubber.

My thanks & respect goes to all of you who have put together these files for customizers such as myself, jomo, and the rest of us to use. I never meant for this to open this type of can of worms when all I wanted to do was provide a resource for new customizers by offering them all my custom inserts along with the files I had used throughout my years of customizing.

I know I wont sell any more of my work (inserts) along with my pc files again. Especially when there are people like this out there who claim the hardwork of others as themselves.

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Hi vansythe. I'm glad you've come here to clear the air about things. From what I had read, I didn't think that you were at fault. This banned ebay guy is the one selling others' hard work, and pretty much illegally selling files of professional teams' logos. Not that distributing them is any different, but at least there's no profit made with just sharing them.

I originally started making my files after the work I saw on Jomo's site, and from there it became a collaboration with other artists here. In fact, Jomo helped me out with a few of them, because I expanded into NCAA football as well. The intent of the "style guide" was to make a good printed reference to make decals for McFarlane customizers, and just to have a nice printed library for other referencing.

It's a tough situation, because as much as I'd like to be able to share them with everyone, I don't want to get any "cease and desist" notices from the legal departments of any of the leagues. Selling these files on ebay is not exactly an anonymous transaction, and it's definitely NOT something I was planning to do with them.

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