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Stefan to Dallas


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Atlanta Thrashers to become simple Atlanta Thrash this is an orginizatin that cant get out of its way.

It's that damn Steve Belkin. When he won the court case to buy out the owners, I knew that as bad as both of the major league Philips Arena tenants were, they were about to get worse, since the way Belkin is doing things now, the Hawks are about to become the Clippers for real and the Thrashers are going downhill, just as they began to show promise. This is some booty.

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I like this deal.

First off, Modry is gone. How many Thrasher fans are crying about this move?

Stefan's only value is sentimental. The fact is, he was a former #1 pick who's been a major bust. Original Thrasher notwithstanding, he's basically a 2nd-line center who rarely gets time on the PP, and was a 2nd-line PK player.

Plus, this deal frees around $2 million, so the team can have some wiggle-room in free agency or another trade.

But Modry's gone.....the Thrashers are a better team already!

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thrasher fans will love niko kapanen... he's a hard working little bugger. not spectacular at anything, but solid in everything.

i welcome both modry and stefan to big d... always liked modry, for some reason... and reunited with tip, he may regain his powerplay form... with zubov to feed off of, too.

and if stefan is still only 25 years old. i'm not ready to give up on him. will he be our franchise player? hell no... but he can be a top 6 forward for a competitive stars team, if he develops even a tiny bit more.

i'll definately miss niko... but i'm not against this trade at all.

what's interesting is seeing where this leads the rest of the offseason. if stefan goes into the season as our #2 center, then i think we'll have problems... and i'd really rather have willie mitchell on the roster than not have him on someone else's.

who knows. hopefully we make keep arnott, or sign a suitable replacement for him.

and i still hold out hope that mr. langenbrunner can come back home.

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