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CONCEPT81: Dallas Cowboys


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Hello my friends! This is a concept..well not really my own I just tweaked a few things, but still one of my all-time favorites. The NFL 75th Anniversary, Dallas Cowboys, throwback uniforms. I tried very hard to come up with something of my own while at the same time trying to be as traditional and simple as possible. I've only contributed a few minor changes to the original set that they wore back then but honestly they could do away with what they are wearing now and still be classic! I hope you like my blending of two templates to make a complete football outfit including the "human" that's supposed to be wearing it. And if you are wondering, yes I made the guy in the concept to look like me. I took a baseball template and married it with the football one, added some wristbands and decorated the hat to be team worthy and this is what you get. C&C as usual and thanks for viewing my work!


1) The stars on the original uniforms kinda' sat forward and fell over onto the sleeves not really centered shoulder wise as I believe they were trying to make the points on the stars even with the hem line of the sleeves. I sat them on the shoulders and reduced them in size just a bit so it's in proportion with the rest of the jersey and kept them off of the sleeve.

2) I seperated the collar and sleeve cuffs into two collors to add slight contrast to the overall look

3) I'm not sure if the Cowboys, have a wordmark on their jersey's now but I added one in and yes I know I didn't switch them so cut me some slack!

4) Added a single silver stripe to the sock matching the collar and sleeve cuff

5) Though it might be hard to tell, I added a silver outline to the inner blue star on all of the logos. Also instead of a white inner stripe on the numbers I went with the silver to break it up a bit. Same thing on the sleeves.

6) Changed their facemask to blue (I think it looks better)

7) And finally, The blue. I picked a blue that wasn't so much what they use now and not so navy liked what was used on the previous uniforms. I tried to go in between with a deeper blue to go along with a deeper silver and yes it's all one color silver and blue


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I thought about this one and decided to add it in anyway. I don't like the idea of a team having a silver jersey I mean the Patriots, tried it and all it looked like was a dirty version of their white one (Sorry to Pat's, fans but it did). To me it just doesn't work in the NFL and so I decided not to do it with the Cowboys, as an alternate. Instead I tweaked their Thanksgiving Day, outfit a bit' to make it go along with what I created as their primarys.

1) Changed the helmet and pants and top shoulder to white

2) Changed the font to the old Staubach, era one's that they used to use

3) Made the inner white stripe on the helmet and pants silver for contrast

That's about it! C&C as usal - Thank's For Viewing


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Now this...THIS says "Cowboys" to me! I don't know if it's just my screen but the silver pants look a little blueish to me. I myself would prefer straight silver and if it is then that's PERFECTO!!

Something's telling me that the socks would look better with two white stripes rather than one, or maybe a silver/navy/white/navy/silver-type deal.

But other than that--oh, and the third set, KUDOS!!! (That's an understatement of course.) The idea to outline the old-style serified numerals is a perfect way to "modernize" an old-style.

This here is an example of a damn near PERFECT concept. I know Jerry had to have had designs along this line sent to him, but if he didnt you should beat down his door and paste this thing to his desk so he can see it.



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I did have that in mind for the socks at first but it wouldn't have gone with anything else in the concept. The single silver stripe is supposed to go along with the sleeve cuffs and collar on the jersey. Besides, I didn't want to overload the design with to many outlines because I felt that the between the numbers and stars, the outfit had enough.

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sick nasty off the chain :P:DB)

Scrap, what does that mean?

Back to the concept. First off, the template made me laugh, but in a good way. Awesome job with that. As for the unis, I'm not a big fan of having the stars on the shoulders and the numbers on the sleeves, but I think I'm in the minority from the posts we've had so far.

Keep up the good work.

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No offense, but I absolutely hate it (huge Cowboys fan here). The current throwback the Cowboys were are GREAT, and the only change I would make to their current unis is to make all the blues the same shade and make the home/road pants the same shade of silver.

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I guess there goes my criticism! You're the first person in a long time to not like my work. Maybe you should mail a letter to Jerry Jones, and ask him to spend a little more money with Reebok, to get all the colors to match! The Seahawks, did. I made Dallas, my second home after Katrina, but honestly speaking the last time the team was any good was when they wore these if I'm not mistaken

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