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LA Dodgers Uniform Question

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I was would like to know if someone could fill me in on the repeated change of the LA Dodgers uniform beween having "Dodgers"written on it to having "Los Angeles." I know the Brooklyn Dodgers had "Dodgers" on both uniforms but the Sandy Koufax Dodgers had "Los Angeles" on the road jersey. However, I saw a Mike Piazza photo in which the the road jersey says "Dodgers." Nowadays the road unis are back to the "Los Angeles" script. Why do they keep changing it and do they plan on going back to Dodgers? Personally, I like the city name on the road jersey better.

60s: 6304.jpg

90s: piazza.jpg

Current: t1_gagne_ap.jpg

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Was that the Saturday afternoon game where either Kaz Ishii or Hideo Nomo went Kung Fu on an Angel? I do own the silver billed cap, and love it.

You are correct oddball but it was Chan Ho Park who kung-fu ex-Dodgers Tim Belcher on that game. In my opinion, The best baseball fight since when Nolan Ryan beat up Robin Ventura. :D

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