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Y.A. Tittle "handle" helmet


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Greetings All

I was crusing through some photos from 1954 when I came across this shot of Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch wearing a "door handle" jaw protector. Who else wore this thing and do you have any pictures? Also, is this the same one that Tittle wore? It appears to be different, but it's hard to tell.



While it appears to be an actual handle it was actaully fabricated from fiberglass and is one of the first vintage displays seen as you enter the Hall of Fame in Canton.


I found several interesting things while looking through vintage football yearbooks this weekend. More to follow.

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Yeah, I've seen it on display at the hall of fame. I think they added that to his helmet after he broke his jaw, If I remember right.

That's what it says at the Helmet Hut link I posted above--the lucite mask was used by other players, but apparnetly could come off easily--so the "handle" is a stabilizer to help protect his jaw.

Looks cool though.

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