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'zo gone


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This is a shame Zo was a true class act which is in rare supply in the NBA today

I hope he gets his tranplant quickly so things dont get any worse then they already are.

This make his fight with K-Mart last week look even worse for Martin. When Zo told him you cant be on the trainers room saying "My Ankle My Ankle" K-mart respond "My Kidney My Kidney"

I guess K-Mart regrets that now at least I hope he does, but it makes him look like a blue light special in terms on class stnading next to Zo.

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Just goes to show you all is not always well underneath.  Man, I grew up learning basketball while watching him and Grandmama play with the Hornets.  He's always been my favorite center.  Knowing the intensity and drive that he had, it's a damn shame he had to just go away, instead of battling into the prospective sunset.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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