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Ny giants...


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The logo-type was used way back in the 40's and on, it was shown with a QB (no facemask) coming out of the Polo Grounds. When they moved to Yankee Stadium, the QB stayed the same, they just put him inside of Yankee Stadium. When the Giants went hopping around during the mid 70's, the logo disappeard. It was modified when they moved into Giants Stadium, but it wasn't used for anything, and it slipped back into obscurity.

With the Retro/Modern uniforms debuting in 2000, i guess it seemed only natural to have an updated look to the old and classic Stadium logo

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Well even though they updated it I still never see it used for anything. It looks too dated and soft to be an NFL logo.

the only time i ever saw that logo used was during the brief time i owned gameday 2003.  i thought it looked slightly different, though.


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What's somewhat strange about this logo, is that because of it (even though it's not used much), the Giants actually list Brown and Flesh as official team colors.

Even though "Flesh" indicating Caucasian skin isn't very P.C. ...

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