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College of Charleston Football


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This post (but not the concept) is a bit rushed, because in about 10 minutes I'll be gone from my computer for about 4 days (fall break) but here is the next team, the College of Charleston Cougars:


-Yeah, it's significantly more modern than the other concepts I've posted...but I dunno, not all of these teams would realistically be simple and traditional.

-It sure was a bitch finding good versions of these logos...but if you look hard enough (like an online flyer for an "alumni" men's soccer game!) vector graphics can be found...

-Anyway, C&C is much appreciated...I'll be back in a few days to check it! Thanks in advance...


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yeah, i'm totally feelin this one, niner B) I love the jersey style, the number font fits completely, and the helmet/sleeve logo kicks ass. Seriously, I can't name anything I dislike about this.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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Man, my first reaction to these was "Yuck, those belong in the XFL!" After staring at it for another 30 seconds, I actually really like it. It sorta looks like they have bow ties, but in a good way.

oh ,my god ,i strong recommend you to have a visit on the website ,or if i'm the president ,i would have an barceque with the anthor of the articel .
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