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New University of Cincinnati mascot


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University President, Nancy Zimpher, ruins yet another UC icon...changing the logo and firing Bob Huggins wasn't enough...

We went from:




(sorry for the crappy picture - its the only one I could find online from the unveiling at last week's Bearcat Madness)

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I don't really like it either,

but I was There!! It was sweet. Jamual Warren dressed up like Tina Turner and sang. Chad Johnson and Bronson Arroyo(had a concert too) were there but didnt sign autographs. I did get the whole teams autograph on a basketball.

Anywho pretty terrible mascot.

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Nancy Zimpher is the reason I stopped considering of going to school there. They called my house trying to see what my college plans were. My brother told them over the phone my reason for going to Northern Kentucky University was " Nancy Zimpher" UCs reply was nothing more than a dial tone, and they never called again

As for the mascot, that is crap. It looks like its on steroids.

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