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Dallas Stars Concept


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black outlines on the numbers, when there's no black anywhere on the uniforms... that bugs me.

also, i don't like DALLAS above STARS to be written in gold. i'd make it white, like it is now.

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I heard that the Stars will be changing their jerseys in 2007-2008. Apparently Reebok is releasing a new "slim-fit" jersey. I guess the star-based jersey will not work with this new jersey. Its only a rumor right now. Here is the article...


It's more that reebok wants to make a mark (hence, they never wanted to keep the star jersey around, among many others). They damn well know we wouldn't be bitching about this whole armageddon, as cole so eloquently put it, if it was ONLY about new fabrics. If it was only about slightly tighter jerseys, most of us wouldn't give a damn. No, it's been pretty obvious reebok wants to make its mark somewhere, and for the most part realized the NFL would never go for this bull :censored:, so they needed somebody else. Whether it's widespread anticipation or a boatload of anger, reebok never wanted to do this quietly.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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