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Sideshow Bob's turn for NFL picks


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Well, it continues: The next "The Simpsons" character to make picks is Sideshow Bob.


Best line (IMO) is the first one:

"As the immortal Rodgers and Hammerstein once penned: 'Everything's up to date in Kansas City' Everything, that is, except it's secondary"

Next week: Montgomery Burns...

I know we're going to get a slew of people saying "these get less funny each week" but I love them. I can't wait for the Mr. Burns one.

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This one is great

"I don't have time for this. I have to prepare my version of 'Waiting for Godot' for the prison talent show. I'm hoping to get Wesley Snipes to be my Estragon. Fingers crossed, people."

First Wesley Snipes Prison Joke

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Wow, the Simpsons' characters are 4-2 on Saints games, only missing by picking the Browns in week 1 (Saints won) and the Saints over Carolina (Saints lost). They accurately called the rest of the games as Saints' victories, including over the hated Falcons in week 3 and vs. the Eagles last week. Considering the Saints are considered such a surprise to the "experts" this year, that's impressive.

I disagree with this pick but it's pretty funny anyway:

"As an expert in falconry, I say Michael Vick et al. will make the Georgia Dome their aerie, proving the Bard's maxim that ... What? Dumb it down? Fine. Falcons all the way, boo-yeah."

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