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Feedback Driven Sabres


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Id just like to note the lack of the new logo.

Yeah. No point in perpetuating the Buffaslug any longer.

The Sabres will soon move to 4 jerseys . Eventually the Buffaslug has to be phased out. Thats the way I see it going.

The Sabres are already trying to get the White Throwbacks into a game this year. The Sabres original white was voted the #1 jersey in Sabres history in a poll on the HF Sabres Board. I Think The Classic White can be updated to a point without fan Rejection.


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THIS is what they should wear. Though I guess however ugly it is, the Buffaslug has been a bit lucky, so to speak. If they keep up the winning, and even the Cup, sadly, we may never see it's proper demise.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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