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I'll start by saying that I kinda like Crew badge, but i wanted to try something a little different. My inspiration is following the crew name, but being a bit more defining. The "C" is a hex nut, with a gear for the crest. I'm having a tough time pulling it together, though. Here's four designs, mostly subtle differences, comments and criticisms welcome:


It has a Bruins feel, I know, so save your breath on that one.

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these look really cool. i tried a concept using the name Columbus Athletic i believe. mine was very different from yours, i may even post it soon if i can find it. anyways, i like the way #4 looks. i like it better than #1 because it seems almost too busy, even though it isnt technically. i think i am just against the sunburst in general. #4 is better than #2 IMO because of the little piece of gray that sticks out underneath the banner, its distracting. IMO #4 is better than #3 because the C is bigger, and it is closer to the banner. overall, great job and i look forward to seeing some kits for these (or whatever you soccer people call your uniforms nowadays.)

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What I think you have is a great start. I do hovever think the outlines and lighter areas are to subtle to add another element of depth. Either make the outlines either thicker or just elimiate them all together. I personally would say mabye eliminating some of the lines but making more obvious lighter areas thicker.

I guess I will try to use this Pioneers logo as an example. Just look at those white areas on the horse. They are thicker and still add a bit of depth without taking over the grey area in the horse


That being said, this is a very clever idea, great job so far!

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