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Underrated uniforms


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Definitely LA Kings. Anything is better than the black/silver atrocities (as well as unmentionable 3rd jerseys). You just don't see much purple in pro sports, and the Kings pull it off very nicely. Dunno how many people ever thought of purple as being the "royal" color.

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I picked that up. (purple is consider royal because of how expensive it was to make ages ago, so it became a commodity for the rich, for those who didn't know  :D )

hmmm, underrated? I gotta say the Pens. They've managed to bring back an old favorite design and make it modern, fasionable

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Speaking of underrated, I think the Atlanta Flames logo is one of the better all-time logos. A for atlanta, and flames for Flames. Perfect! Not many logos make the view almost instantly say the name of the team, even if they don't know their sports too well!

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