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NBA 1 Major change


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The Warriors should re-brand themselves as the San Francisco Warriors and use their old classic logo (The City).

BTW no San Francisco Warriors of Oakland jokes.

Bay Area Warriors?

Golden Bay Warriors?

Anything would be better than "Golden State." Somehow I referred to them once while my mom was around and she was confused about "how a college team can play in the NBA." :D


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I don't like the rhythm of "Oakland Warriors," and rhythm is important in the city that gave us Tower of Power. I guess they should just leave it.

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About a year and a half ago I had some back and forth Emails with the President of the Portland Trail Blazers that lead me to believe that changes were on the Horizon for them. IT makes sense that team has been working hard to overhaul heir image. They have exciting young players and teh team is looking up. 2 other young teams recently made drastic changes when they turned it around...Denver and Cleveland.

I doubt Portland would ditch the symbolic pinwheel logo, but man I think the diagonal stripes are tired.

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I see a lot of Blue and Green around the Target Center (and i don't mean empty seats...but those are there too.) The T-wolves "street" team wears Royal Blue and Green stuff, and the Wolves have planned a Retro Throwback Night where everyone gets stuff with the old logo...which could mean nothing but it could mean something too.

I think the Wolves need an update worse than anyone in the league.

But the Hornets should ditch the teal, the Hawks should ditch the Nipple Hawk, Clippers need a total over-haul, Knicks should change to less black, Boston should poop on the Black unis, Wizards should tone down the gold unis and go Gold and Black, Orlando should go back to pinstripes...whew...i kind of just blacked out there and that happened.

The NBA is a mess...but the T-Wolves are the worst offenders.

I just threw this together on Nike team builder. I wish they would go back to royal blue and green too.


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