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New LA Galaxy Concept Logo


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created by losttransfomer on bigsoccer.com forums.

All this talk of LA trying to be too much like Real Madrid. Beckham, colors, etc. They might as well make the logo look something like this. You have the "LA" and blue from the Dodgers, purple from the Lakers and old Kings, Real Madrid's logo minus the middle stuff, and I guess good ol' Green and Gold for the Galaxy.


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I don't know whether or not to take this seriously, but I'll comment anyway.

The crown on the top of the circle really has absolutely no relevance to the Galaxy. There's nothing "Real" or Royal about the team. Also those arent the teams colors anymore.

I'd try to make the LA a little more fancy, much like the MFC is in Real's logo.

Sorry, but this just isn't my cup of tea.

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Why would the Galaxy borrow from Real Madrid when there's already a Real in MLS? Also, why would the Dodgers consent to letting their cap logo be used?

This makes no sense whatsoever.

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