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Algeria Men's National Soccer Team


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Hello everyone,

As some of you may know from my fanatical (and often unreasonable) support of Algerian athletes, both of my parents are from Algeria, and so I've decided to break out my new template with a makeover of Algeria's soccer team.

Algeria made the World Cup in 1982 and '86, but hasn't enjoyed much success lately except for a run to the quarterfinals of the African Cup in 2004. This is largely due to the decision that many young Frenchmen born to Algerian parents make to represent Les Bleus instead of Algeria, both to carry on with the country for whose youth teams they played and in hopes of facing more formidable competition. On to the concept:


The new crest features an outline of Algeria highlighted by the head of a desert fox. The team's nickname is Les Fennecs, or "the desert foxes". Of course, this new crest would never be implemented by the Algerian FA as it doesn't contain the star-and-crescent or Arabic script of the overly-clutted old crest, but oh well, this is the concepts forum.

The home kit (front and center) is an adaptation of Algeria's flag, and is modeled by recent Charlton Athletic acquisition, midfielder Madjid Bougherra. With the loan of Hameur Bouazza from Watford, Bougherra is the only Algerian player in the Premiership.

The away kit (white) is worn by midfielder Hocine Achiou (yes, like onomatopoeia for sneezing), who recently tansferred from USM Alger, the premier club in Algeria, to FC Arau in Switzerland. Fun fact / six degrees of separation: Hocine Achiou is the best friend of the brother of a family friend!

The third kit (green) is worn by FC Sochaux midfielder Karim Ziani, who has had a successful year in Ligue 1 so far and looks a little like Nick Lachey in the photo I used.

Finally, the goalkeeper, wearing red, is Lounes Gaouaoui (roughly pronounced "gow-ow-ee"). He is noted for his spectacular leaping ability.

The redundancy in the change kits is the only practical way to use the vertical-split home strip since most teams in Africa wear either white or green at home.

C&C greatly appreciated!

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I really like how you incorporated the desert fox into the logo, and the split jersey looks amazing. I may not know a lot about soccer concepts, but from what I can see you've done a pretty darn good job.

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Thanks! The split jersey looks best because I used an advertising photo of Barcelona players for the template, and so had a corresponding guide from with Barca's split kits this season.

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I really, really like what you've done here. It's clean, direct, and very excellently executed. I like the split kit, as it conveys the flag.

Good job, m'man.


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