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AAA Baseball Postponed for Weather


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The Iowa Cubs and Albuquerque Isotopes game in Albuquerque, New Mexico has just been postponed in the 6th inning due to bad weather...IN DENVER.


I kid you not.

The reason given by the Isotopes:

Since both teams are traveling tomorrow and there are predicted flight delays, they said they wanted to get both teams on planes today. I have to believe that this is rare if not entirely unprecedented.

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Can you postpone a game in the 6th inning? Can't you end the game after 5 innings?

Going completely off the cuff here, but I suppose that if conditions at the game site forced the end of the game then it would be considered a complete game. However, because the PCL wants to avoid the possibility that two games the following day might be negatively impacted by the inability of the Albuquerque and Iowa teams to fly to their next series, the conclusion of the game is merely postponed. It seems like the only fair thing to do.

Again, I'm not sure that's the logic behind the reason for a postponement and not a called game, but it seems to make sense.

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