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Who do you get on what?

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I just want people to know I will only ever wear another teams jersey if the player on the back is retired...and NEVER wear a habs jersey or a leafs one for that matter

Not even a #67 Toronto with a clever name like "DROUGHT"?

Nope I've seen too many like that...I'd rather put my money into a Senators jersey :P

Hi, how are you?

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Heh, I figure I'll throw in the rest of mine while I'm goin.


Bucks: current-Redd home; vintage-97 alt, the Big Dog

Sonics: vintage 1-99 red, Payton; vintage 2-97 home, Kemp

Grizzlies: current-J. Will road; Memphis vintage-J. Will white; Vancouver vintage: Big Country black

Knicks: current-Starbury home; vintage-96 Ewing blue

Magic: vintage 1-T-Mac 2002 home; vintage 2-Shaq pinstripe blue

Nuggets: current-AI navy; vintage-Dan Issel navy rainbows

Suns: vintage 1-Barkley white; vintage 2-Barkley black

Sixers: current-AI white; vintage-AI 97 red

Kings: current-Bibby gold; vintage-J-Will 40/60 black/purple

Hornets: current-D. Mason white; vintage 1-Baron 01 teal; vintage 2-Muggsy 95 purple

Heat: current-Shaq black; vintage-Zo old red

Warriors: vintage 1-The City gold, 3 my name; vintage 2-The City blue, 21 my name

Pacers: current-O'Neal white; vintage-Reggie 95 navy

Hawks: current-Zaza Pachulia red; vintage-Mutombo 97 black/red

Jazz: vintage 1-Malone 02 purple; vintage 2-Pistol 75 purple


Cubs: current-D. Lee pinstripes; vintage-Sosa 94 Cuba

Padres: current-Maddux khaki; vintage-Gwynn 98 navy

Mariners: current-Ichiro gray; vintage-Griffey 94 teal

Twins: current-Mauer Minnesota navy; vintage-Radke 97 red

Mets: vintage 1-Rey Ordonez 97 road BP; vintage 2-Anthony Young 93 road

Pirates: current-red vest, myself #00; vintage-Aramis gray pinstripes

Marlins: current-Dontrelle black; vintage-D. Lee 02 roads

Angels: current-K-Rod white; vintage-Jim Abbott 96 navy

Indians: current-blank navy; vintage-Baerga 96 navy


Avs: current-Sakic white; Avs vintage-Roy maroon; Nordiques vintage-Forsberg 95 white

Habs: current-Koivu red; vintage-Rocket Richard hab-stripe white

Leafs: current-Sundin white; vintage-1927-28 blue, #00

Sens: current-Alfredsson black; vintage-1917 barberpole, #3

Blackhawks: current-Chelios red cus the current guys are largely worthless; vintage-1950 barberpole, #95

Lightning: current-St. Louis black; vintage-Puppa rainstorm blue

Blues: current-Al MacInnis white; vintage-Brett Hull 91 white

Stars: current-Turco green/black; Dallas vintage-I never wanna see those mid 90s rags again; Dallas unused-Modano gold/black; North Stars vintage-Jon Casey 88 white; North Stars unused-81-82 black, my name #00

Sharks: current-Nabokov teal; vintage-Irbe original teal

Rangers: current-Jagr Liberty; vintage-Gretzky white Liberty


Crew: current-nobody, our current rags are ugly and bland IMO. vintage-96 Brian McBride black


Essendon: current-Lovett or Hirdy traditional; vintage: see current.

Freo: current-normal purple; vintage-95 away green

Adelaide: current-the homes were needlessly destroyed...so I'd go with the roads. honestly, though, choosing from that set is like choosing from dung, dirt and gravel for dinner; vintage-91-05 home navy/red/gold...perfect...you couldn't take anything away or add anything to improve it. As Crow fans learned last year when they did the latter and thus ruined it.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I'd get an 88-89 white Flames jersey with Loob on it. (#12)

Late 70's Habs jersey with #12 Cournyer--Bothe red & white

Mid 70's Minnesota North Stars with Gilles Meloche (#27)

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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why not?...

New Jersey: red Scott Stevens

Islanders: navy Brendan Witt

Rangers: navy Sean Avery

Flyers: old orange Eric Lindros

Penguins: black Jordan Staal

Bruins: black Glen Murray

Sabres: navy Chris Drury

Canadiens: red Dandenault

Senators: black Dany Heatley or Wade Redden

Leafs: alt white Bryan McCabe

Thrashers: navy Ferraro

Hurricanes: red Erik Cole

Panthers: blue Bouwmeester

Lightning: black Brad Richards (though this jersey is horribly ugly)

Capitals: Donald Brashear (probably in the new jersey they get, since I hate the black one)

Blackhawks: red Martin Lapointe

Blue Jackets: navy alt Rick Nash

Red Wings: red Bob Probert, white Chris Chelios, striped white old alt Steve Yzerman

Predators: navy David Legwand

Blues: old blue and red Brett Hull

Flames: old black Iginla

Avalanche: N/A

Oilers: navy alt Ryan Smyth

Wild: green Rolston

Canucks: old blue/red alt Todd Bertuzzi

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim: black Chris Pronger

Stars: old green North Stars, Derian Hatcher

Kings: black Rob Blake

Coyotes: red Ed Jovanovski maybe a Jets later blue Tkachuk

Sharks: black Joe Thornton

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