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Who do you get on what?

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Thought this would be cool.

Choose which current (NHL) jersey you would get with a current player's name on it(for every team)

Then any jersey the franchise has had since it's existance with any player who played for them.

Anaheim Ducks: Home-Teemu Selanne #8 /05-06 white aways-Paul Kariya#9

Atlanta Thrashers: Home-Ilya Kovalchuk #17 / the old home with the thrasher from the top view-Heatley#15

Boston Bruins: Retro Alternate - Phil Kessel #81/ Cam Neely Era black jersey with Neely on the back

Buffalo Sabres: Alternate Afinogenov #61/ White retro with Hasek

Calgary Flames: Current Red with Iginla/ Old Lanny Macdonald era with Lanny's name on the back

Chicago Blackhawks: Home with #24 Havlat on the Back/ Mikita on white jersey

Carolina Hurricanes: Home with Commodore

Colorado Avs: Away #19 Joe Sakic / #77 Ray Bourque

Columbus Blue Jackets: Alt #17 Brule

Dallas Stars: -Zubov/98-99 black jersey with Modano

Detroit Red Wings: White #13 Datsyuk / Stevie Y (nuff said)

Edmonton Oilers: Home #35 Roloson / The old retro with Gretzky

Florida Panthers Red # 7 Montador / same jersey but with the Bieser

LA kings - alternate #11 Anze Kopitar/ Old yellow Marcel dionne

Minnesota Wild - Home wes Walz /

Montreal HAbs - home #41 Halak/ Old red with Richard I guess...

Nashville Predators Alt #29 Vokoun

New Jersey Devils Away #30 Brodeur/ Old green and red white jersey with ol' scotty stevens on the back.

New York Islanders Away with 94 Ryan Smyth/ Old dark blue with Mike Bossy

Rangers: Shanahan on the home / Messier on the away.

Ottawa: Alt (which I have) with Ray Emery(if we re-sign him he's going on my jersey)/95-96 roads with Alfy

Philly: Black with Jeff Carter/ retro Orange with Ron Hextall

Phoenix: Current home with Doan/ Old picasso dark jersey with Roenick

Pittsburgh: Home with Malkin/ Jagr Calder-era jersey

San Jose: Home Nabokov/ Original jerseys with Irbe on it

St. Louis: Bryce Salvador on the home / an old Brett Hull onw with the red on the jersey...you know

Tampa Bay: Lecavalier on the home./ same jersey but with puupa

Toronto: Steen..on the home/ old 93 jersey's with mr. Gilmour

Vancouver Alt with Luongo/ old flying skate jerseys with Pavel Bure

Washington: Ovechkin on the away/ Dale Hunter on the old all blue jerseys.

Who are your picks?

Hi, how are you?

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Anaheim Ducks: Current white - Teemu Selanne / Old white - Paul Kariya

Atlanta Thrashers: Baby blue - Kari Lehtonen

Boston Bruins: Current retro/alternate - Cam Neely

Buffalo Sabres: Current retro/alternate - Ryan Miller

Calgary Flames: Current red - Dion Phaneuf

Chicago Blackhawks: White - Denis Savard

Carolina Hurricanes: White - Eric Staal

Colorado Avalanche: White - Joe Sakic

Columbus Blue Jackets: Current alternate - Rick Nash

Dallas Stars: Current white - Sergei Zubov

Detroit Red Wings: White - Steve Yzerman

Edmonton Oilers: White - Ryan Smyth

Florida Panthers: White - Olli Jokinen

LA kings: White - Anze Kopitar

Minnesota Wild: White - Marian Gaborik

Montreal Canadiens: Current retro/alternate - Andrei Kostitsyn

Nashville Predators: White - Paul Kariya

New Jersey Devils: White - Martin Brodeur

New York Islanders: White - Mike Bossy

New York Rangers: Dark - Henrik Lundqvist

Ottawa Senators: Current alternate - Wade Redden

Philadelphia Flyers: White - Joni Pitkanen

Phoenix Coyotes: Current white - Curtis Joseph

Pittsburgh Penguins: Current white - Evgeni Malkin

San Jose Sharks: Current white - Patrick Marleau

St. Louis Blues: Current white - Al McInnis

Tampa Bay Lightning: White - Brad Richards

Toronto Maple Leafs: Current retro/alternate - Alex Steen/Wendel Clark/Carlo Colaiacovo

Vancouver Canucks: Current retro/alternate - Roberto Luongo

Washington Capitals: White - Alexander Ovechkin


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Seeing how I'm someone who doesn't own an authentic or even a custom replica jersey of any kind, in any sport, I'm of the mindset that if I DID - I would get a random number of my choice, and put either the team location or the team nickname on the back. Depending on what is on the front (I go the opposite).

But then again, I'm kinda weird.


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Well i suppose we can do nba aswell.

(Only currents) No players, just jerseys

Atlanta Hawks home

Boston Celtics road

Charlotte Bobcats alternate

Chicago Bulls alternate

Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate

Dallas Mavericks away

Denver Nuggets alternate

Detroit Pistons road

Golden State Warriors road

Houston Rockets home

Indiana Pacers road

Los Angeles Clippers road

Los Angeles Clippers home (yellow)

Memphis Grizzlies road

Miami Heat road

Milwaukee Bucks road

Minnesota Timebrwolves home

New Jersey Nets road

New York Knicks road

New Orleans Hornets home

Orlando Magic road

Philadelphia 76ers road

Phoenix Suns home

Portland Trailblazers road

Sacramento Kings road

San Antonio road

Seattle Sonics alternate

Toronto raptors road

Washington Wizards home

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Anaheim Ducks: wouldn't be caught dead in a ducks jersey of any era.

Atlanta Thrashers: babyblue - hedberg....... old navy blue kovalchuk

Boston Bruins: current black home - guerin..... appropriate era jersey with cheevers.

Buffalo Sabres: wouldn't be caught dead in a sabres jersey of any era

Calgary Flames: current red with kipper... 90's ugly red (with white sleeves) with theo fleury.

Chicago Blackhawks: whites with khabibulin... i'd also love a 70's style white (logo over stripes) with hull.

Carolina Hurricanes: whites with irbe 32.

Colorado Avs: wouldn't be caught dead in an avs jersey, but i'd gladly wear a nordiques hextall.

Columbus Blue Jackets: current navy homes with malhotra

Dallas Stars: current green with morrow... 60's style with parise, or possibly 70's double-stripe with nanne.

Detroit Red Wings: wouldn't be caught dead in a wings jersey.

Edmonton Oilers: current navy with tommy salo's name... retro blue with messier.

Florida Panthers: current white with belfour... original red with skrudland.

LA kings: wouldn't be caught dead in a kings jersey of the current era. would love a retro yellow rogie vachon.

Minnesota Wild - wouldn't be caught dead in a wild jersey.

Montreal HAbs - current home red with koivu... retro red with drawstrings, beliveau's #4.

Nashville Predators - i own 2 of their jerseys, but refuse to wear them anymore. wouldn't be caught dead in a preds jersey.

New Jersey Devils - red langenbrunner... retro green and red verbeek

New York Islanders - current navy with dipietro... fishsticks navy with tommy salo or ziggy palffy.

Rangers: white lundqvist... navy with drawstrings messier.

Ottawa: current whites with emery... old blacks that match the white, with tugnutt.

Philly: current orange with hatcher... 90's orange with hextall.

Phoenix: wouldn't be caught dead in a coyotes jersey of any era.

Pittsburgh: current black malkin... old whites with yellow triangle shoulders kasparaitis

San Jose: wouldn't be caught dead in a shark jersey of any era.

St. Louis: current navy with turek... diagonal white 90's with hull.

Tampa Bay: current black with lecavalier... appropriately patched/fonted 90's white with rheaume.

Toronto: current white alternate with sundin... blue 90's style with round numbers, 29 potvin.

Vancouver: current navy home with messier (already own), retro black flying skate with larionov.

Washington: current white ovechkin... 80's style red with kevin hatcher's 4.

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Anaheim Ducks: "Mighty" Purple Selanne #13

Atlanta Thrashers: "Blueland" Bondra #12

Boston Bruins: Retro #4

Buffalo Sabres: Retro Housley #6

Calgary Flames: Red Phaneuf, Cup year Hakan Loob!

Chicago Blackhawks: Red Bondra #12

Carolina Hurricanes: Red Cole

Colorado Avs: Burgandy Konowalchuk!

Columbus Blue Jackets: Alt Nash

Dallas Stars: 1st year Dahlen

Detroit Red Wings: only Gordie

Edmonton Oilers: Retro Coffey

Florida Panthers: Blue Bouwmeester

LA kings - Black retro Blake

Minnesota Wild - Orange Gaborik

Montreal HAbs - vintage red Beliveau

Nashville Predators Vokoun white

New Jersey Devils: Niedermayer red

New York Islanders: Blake blue vintage Potvin

Rangers: white Leetch

Ottawa: Red Bondra

Philly: i'd kill myself before owning a flyers jersey...sorry

Phoenix: old green Doan

Pittsburgh: i'd kill myself before owning a Pens jersey

San Jose: current alt Cheechoo

St. Louis: Blue Al MacInnis

Tampa Bay: old alt Lecavalier

Toronto: vintage Horton

Vancouver Luongo Alt

Washington: well i need my red jersey customized, Bondra, my blue jersey will be customized with Kolzig with the '98 Finals Patch, vintage white Stevens, and a vintage red Langway.

"I don't understand where you got this idea so deeply ingrained in your head (that this world) is something that you must impress, cause I couldn't care less"


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Basically, the only jerseys I could wear without feeling like I'm betraying my team somehow go as follows:

Red Wings: Pretty much anyone in Red Wings history, other than Sergei Federov. If I have to pick, Pavel Datsyuk current, Steve Yzerman all-time, both White

Minnesota North Stars: Mike Modano, White. No Current Dallas Stars. Including Mike Modano.

Wayne Gretzky. I'd wear any jersey he did, but, if I get to pick, New York Rangers.

Hartford Whalers- Ron Francis Blue

And, I can't name any players from their histories, but I'd wear a jersey from any of the following teams:

Atlanta Flames

Kansas City Scouts

Quebec Nordiques

Winnipeg Jets

That's about it. I wouldn't wear other jerseys. Just wouldn't. Love my Red Wings too much.


Sig courtesy of LEWJ

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A Patrick Roy red Canadiens jersey would be awesome. He was my favorite player for the longest time. I'd get an Avalanche jersey with his name on it, but it seems like that would be the more common route. I think people kind of forget that he was on Montreal for most of his career.


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Anaheim Ducks: #9 Kariya

Atlanta Thrashers: Home-Ilya Kovalchuk #17 (got a Savard #9)

Boston Bruins: Cam Neely

Buffalo Sabres: Pat Lafontaine

Calgary Flames: Doug Gilmore for the best player, Savard 27 if my choice

Chicago Blackhawks: Bobby Hull all the way

Carolina Hurricanes: Arturs Irbe

Colorado Avs: Away #19 Joe Sakic

Columbus Blue Jackets: Rick Nash

Dallas Stars: Mike Modano

Detroit Red Wings: Steve Yzerman, no question

Edmonton Oilers: Wayner

Florida Panthers: Pavel Bure

LA kings - Wayner

Minnesota Wild - tough call, I never really knew a player I liked from the wild

Montreal CANADIENS- Richard, one of the greatest to ever live.

Nashville Predators: Jason Arnott

New Jersey Devils Away #30 Brodeur

New York Islanders: Another tough call, a Fisherman Wendel Clark

Rangers: Wayner, again

Ottawa: Jason Spezza

Philly: Big E

Phoenix: Roenick / Burke (still up in the air over this one, leaning towards Burke)

Pittsburgh: Super Mario

San Jose: Owen Nolan / Joe Thorton

St. Louis: Chris Pronger

Tampa Bay: Vinny Lecavalier

Toronto: Wendel Clark

Vancouver: Trevor Linden

Washington: Olaf Kolzig

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Blackhawks- #9 Hull. THere can be no other.

not even Mikita?

[Croatia National Team Manager Slavan] Bilic then went on to explain how Croatia's success can partially be put down to his progressive man-management techniques. "Sometimes I lie in the bed with my players. I go to the room of Vedran Corluka and Luka Modric when I see they have a problem and I lie in bed with them and we talk for 10 minutes." Maybe Capello could try getting through to his players this way too? Although how far he'd get with Joe Cole jumping up and down on the mattress and Rooney demanding to be read his favourite page from The Very Hungry Caterpillar is open to question. --The Guardian's Fiver, 08 September 2008

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Anaheim Ducks: Current white - Teemu Selanne / Old white - Paul Kariya

Atlanta Thrashers: Baby blue - Kari Lehtonen

Boston Bruins: Current retro/alternate - Cam Neely

Buffalo Sabres: Current retro/alternate - Ryan Miller

Calgary Flames: Current red - Iginla

Chicago Blackhawks: White - Bobby hull

Carolina Hurricanes: White - Brind amour

Colorado Avalanche: maroon - Patrick Roy

Columbus Blue Jackets: Current alternate - David Vyborny I actually have this jersey

Dallas Stars: Current white - Sergei Zubov

Detroit Red Wings: White - mike vernon

Edmonton Oilers: White - Ryan Smyth

Florida Panthers: red - vanbiesbrouk?

LA kings: old black - Robataille

Minnesota Wild: green - Fernandez

Montreal Canadiens: red- Patrick Roy

Nashville Predators: White - Paul Kariya

New Jersey Devils: red - Martin Brodeur

New York Islanders: White - Mike Bossy

New York Rangers: Dark - Messier

Ottawa Senators: Old Black - Scott Levins (my assistant coach, only played a couple of years)

Philadelphia Flyers: orange - Lindros

Phoenix Coyotes: old black - roenick

Pittsburgh Penguins: 90's white - Lemieux

San Jose Sharks: Teal - Thornton

St. Louis Blues: Current white - Al McInnis

Tampa Bay Lightning: White - Brad Richards

Toronto Maple Leafs: Current retro/alternate - Alex Steen/Wendel Clark/Carlo Colaiacovo

Vancouver Canucks: Current retro/alternate - Roberto Luongo

Washington Capitals: 90's blues - Bondra


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it's too much like work to do a current and a retro for each team..

Anaheim Ducks: (black) - Getzlaf

Atlanta Thrashers: (white) - Kovalchuk

Boston Bruins: (retro white) - #4

Buffalo Sabres: (vintage) - Miller

Calgary Flames: (red) - Phaneuf

Chicago Blackhawks: (red) - Barker

Carolina Hurricanes: (white) - Ward

Colorado Avalanche: (alt) - Stastny

Columbus Blue Jackets: (alt) - Klesla

Dallas Stars: (green) - Lehtinen

Detroit Red Wings: [reluctantly] (red) - Samuelsson

Edmonton Oilers: (vintage) - Lowe

Florida Panthers: (red) - Bouwmeester

LA kings: (dark) - Kopitar

Minnesota Wild: (alt) - Koivu

Montreal Canadiens: (red) - #2

Nashville Predators: (white) - Webber

New Jersey Devils: (red) - Parise

New York Islanders: (blue) - DiPietro

New York Rangers: (blue) - Rachunek

Ottawa Senators: (red) - Heatley

Philadelphia Flyers: (orange) - Gagne

Phoenix Coyotes: (red) - Doan

Pittsburgh Penguins: (black) - Sid

San Jose Sharks: (teal) - Marleau

St. Louis Blues: (blue) - Brewer

Tampa Bay Lightning: (white) - Richards

Toronto Maple Leafs: (vintage) - O'Neill

Vancouver Canucks: (vintage) - Henrik

Washington Capitals: (white) - Ovechkin

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heh, I'll roll out NFL, a smattering of NFL-E, CFL and Arena.


Bears: current-Adrian Peterson (the original one from Ga. Southern) blue; vintage-Chris Zorich 94 throwbacks

Packers: current-Brett Favre green; vintage-Brian Noble 88 white; unused-Reggie White 94 proposed green

Lions: current-Roy Williams blue; vintage-Billy Sims blue w/silver numbers (which everyone looking at me coming would then mistake for that Sanders guy)

Vikings: current-hell no; vintage-Warren Moon 96 white

Eagles: current-Jevon Kearse black; vintage-90 Randall Cunningham green

Cowboys: current-Tony Romo navy; vintage-94 Emmitt Smith doublestars

Giants: current-LT blue; vintage-LT white 80s-90s

Redskins: current-Doug Williams white; vintage: Darrell Green 75th anniversary jersey

Niners: current-Jerry Rice red; vintage-Deion 94 throwback red

Cardinals: current-Boldin white; vintage-Timm Rosenbach 90 white

Seahawks: current-Tatupu blue; vintage-Warren Moon blue

Rams: current-Ike Bruce white; vintage-Tank Younger 50s gold

Falcons: current-Vick black; vintage-Jamal Anderson 90s black

Saints: current-Brees black; vintage-either Deuce 02 gold or the 96 road white, Ironhead (yeah, I know he was long gone by that time, but still, it's Ironhead)

Bucs: current-Alstott red; vintage-Steve Spurrier 76 white; unused-D. Brooks alt pewter

Panthers: current-Peppers blue; vintage-Tim Biakabutuka black; unused-Barry Foster black

Titans: current-McNair powder blue; Oilers vintage 1: Warren Moon, of course, luv ya blue; Oilers vintage 2: Earl Campbell white

Colts: current-Jim Sorgi white; vintage: mid 80s whites w/silver in the striping, but with Manning 18 on the back

Jaguars: current-Stroud teal; vintage-Brunell 95 teal

Texans: Sam Gado red

Patriots: current-Flutie silver; vintage-Bledsoe 96 blue

Bills: current-Roscoe Parrish white; vintage-Darryl Talley 90s blue

Dolphins: current-Jason Taylor orange; vintage-Larry Csonka stripeless 70s aqua

Jets: current-Vilma white; vintage-Al Toon 80s green

Browns: current-Brady Quinn white; vintage-Otto Graham orange

Steelers: current-Bus black; vintage-Greg Lloyd 94 throwback; unused-Bus gold

Bengals: current-Chad Johnson black; vintage-Boomer 97 black

Ravens: current-Ray Lewis purple; vintage-Bam Morris 96 purple

Chargers: current-Ladainian navy; vintage-Natrone Means 94 white

Broncos: current-Terrell Davis navy; vintage-Elway 94 throwback orange

Raiders: current-Bo knows black (and Bo knows that, but Bo don't know jack cus Bo can't rap :D) vintage-Jim Otto 60s white w/silver #s

Chiefs: current-Derrick Thomas red; vintage-Joe Montana 94 throwback

Argos: current-nobody cus that template's fugly; vintage 1-Flutie 96 white; vintage 2-Pinball 95 navy

Eskimos: current-Gizmo Williams green; vintage-Tracy Ham white

Predators: current-would you rock their current stuff? vintage-Connell Maynor early 2000s black

Rush: current-Buchie Ibeh white

Kats: current-James Baron blue; vintage-Andy Kelly blue

Thunderbears-heh, I hate Clint Dolezel and most of their other guys weren't worth jack, so my name and #21 navy

Cityhawks-Mike Perez gold

Barnstormers-Willis Jacox black (because everybody else's answer woulda been Warner)

Rattlers-Calvin Schexnayder white

Sabercats: current-see Preds. vintage-Steve Papin green

Rhein Fire: current-thank you NFL network, I can't see no games. so I'll go with my name, #95. vintage-97 TJ Rubley white

London Monarchs: vintage 1-97 home, my name and #95; vintage 2-95 away, my name and #3

Scottish Claymores: vintage-96 home, Yo Murphy

Amsterdam Admirals: vintage 1-Brent Moss 98 white; vintage 2-Adam Vinatieri 95 home


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I just want people to know I will only ever wear another teams jersey if the player on the back is retired...and NEVER wear a habs jersey or a leafs one for that matter

Not even a #67 Toronto with a clever name like "DROUGHT"?

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Jets- #9, Hull or #10 Hawerchuk

Blackhawks- #9 Hull. THere can be no other.

I have a Hull Hawks jersey I got it when I was 13 back in '92 because I had this Golden Greats of Hockey video and became a big Bobby Hull fan. I met him when I was like 15 and wore the jersey, got some good pics with him. He asked me if my dad made me get that jersey, and asked how i knew about him. He was by far the coolest and nicest player I have ever met.

PotD May 11th, 2011
looooooogodud: June 7th 2010 - July 5th 2012


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