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Rockland Bulldogs Concept


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I think NYJet's statement was made unwittingly, as he didn't realize how awesome Paint can be -- if used correctly. So I don't think he means any harm by it. ^_^

Really, with any program, you need time and practice. I've seen concepts on there that were done in Illustrator that were sub-par. The program can only take you so far -- you need to be good at using it and good at knowing what works and what doesn't and not straining yourself outside of your abilities. If you don't have a "high powered" program, then you make use of what you have... WordArt, Paint, whatever. You do the best you can, but you don't slap something together in 10 minutes and think it's a masterpiece.

It doesn't matter if this is your ambition or your hobby. If you don't take it seriously, we won't take you seriously.

Thanks! I honestly didn't know that Paint could be used that way. If everyone sees my last reply, they can see that I was not aware.

No harm, no foul B)

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what irks me (an i'm partly responsible having posted twice in this thread) is that something which patsox whipped up in a few minutes now has 3 pages of responses, and things that people work on for days or weeks or even sometimes months get 7 or 8 responses - patsox is going to do nothing to improve his skills, and he's proven that time and again - immediately after this post, i am done posting in any of his threads because i want them to get off of the front page and die a quick death

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let me suggest something to you. when you design a logo you want every element to mesh and be visible and simple enough for every one to get. with your soccer design, you have way to much going on and in some areas too small to see to understand what it is. take a look at most soccer or badge type of logos and see how the designer made everything fit and work and try to replicate it in to your own design. instead of trying to do logos, maybe try uniform designs with current team logos. Which is typically what i did, since i am HORRIBLE at designing logos.



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